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  1. Thanks for the recipe. Being gluten intolerant is no fun. Other grains can make me sick at times. Have to eat them sparingly. This would be great for a quick breakfast.

  2. Thanks for the recipe! Even for those without obvious signs of gluten intolerance, avoiding gluten if greatly beneficial for overall health! If you read more about what gluten does in your body, it really makes you not want to consume it ever again! 🙂

    • Ask the dietician below, but I think your kidneys might be happier if you don't go overboard on the protein, especially if you have a tendency to make one kind of stone there is, or if you've ever had (or want to have) gout. Balance!

    • Instead of fousing on proteins, you should focus on healthy fats (unrefined coconut oil in particular), and lots of fresh, organic vegetables, greens, and (in moderation) fruit!!!

  3. Hi Ellie,
    I am Celiac so I am on a gluten free diet. This loaf looks delicious and it will be a real treat for me. Thanks so much for sharing the recipe and most of all, many thanks for a great and enjoyable blog.

  4. I don't thing I will try it then. I'm a diabetic and gluten free stuff can make your blood sugar go up. Gluten free gives you diarrhea and makes you really sick.

    • Okay, to set the record straight – "Gluten Free" does NOT make your blood sugar go up!!! Yes, many gluten-free baking mixes with rice flour, potato flour, and added starches are so high in carbohydrates that of course they elevate your blood sugar! As do all grains, starches, and naturally occuring sugars in fruit + veggies. The more refined, the more it affects your blood sugar.

      Neither does gluten-free give your diarrhea. Perhaps you are allergic to some ingredient in the gluten-free foods you have tried in the past. There is no specific food called "Gluten Free", so there's no way you could be allergic to it!

      I hope this is enlightening, and that you will do more research on the matter.

      ~ Emily Branson, RDN

    • I think it depends on the recipe as that's not true for all gluten free goods. You have to pick and choose what works best for you. I myself feel better without gluten in my diet.

    • Do you know if what sweetener was used in the item? Sugar alcohols, like stevia. Give me diarrhea. It's hard to say when one can't see the list of ingredients.

      This recipe looks good. Even though I have no dietary reason to avoid gluten

  5. Wondering if peanut butter (or another nut butter) could be substituted, for those who could tolerate PB but couldn't find almond butter.

    Otherwise, nothing wrong with standing in the kitchen eating chocolate chips straight from the bag, and not going to all that "trouble" to bake. 😉

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